In 1940, President Franklin Roosevelt received an early Christmas present. That present was a Scottish Terrier dog who he later named John Murray aka Murray the Outlaw of Falahill. The dog would later just be called Fala. Fala lived in the White House and charmed the staff too much! He was given too many treats to the point of ending up sick. From then on, FDR made it clear that Fala was going to be put in a strict diet and the White House staff sent only one bone for the dog in the morning with the breakfast stray of the President. Fala and FDR were inseparable. The Scottish Terrier traveled all over the world with the President and attended meetings such as the 1941 Atlantic Charter Conference in Quebec. He met Prime Minister Churchill and other important political figures as well. Fala was very famous among reporters and even movies and books were released about him and his adventures. When FDR passed away in 1945, he went to the funeral and walked alongside the train that carried the remains of FDR. Fala went to live with Eleanor Roosevelt at Val-Kill, but never got used to the absence of FDR and would wait for him in the kitchen to show up. Fala passed way in April 5th, 1952. He’s the only presidential pet to be memorialized in statuary.