Hey there everyone,

I have been very excited to share my story of adopting from a shelter for the first time. I have two dogs, Lola and Karen. Lola was given to us by a friend and is now 6 years old. Every year around Christmas time, the SPCA does an event along with Neiman Marcus where dogs and cats are placed in their display windows in hopes of getting them adopted. My mom works at the Galleria so she gave me a call and said she had fallen absolutely in love with a black dog named Karen. But, later that day when she was off of her shift and went to look for her, she was no longer there. I took it upon myself to go the very next day to the SPCA and try to find her. Sure enough, there was Karen, curled up in the corner of her cage but yet wagging her tail as I said hello.

The staff told me that Karen was initially brought in as a puppy that was found as a stray, then someone adopted her but decided that she was too energetic and took her back to the SPCA. I asked if we could go into one of the rooms to get to know each other more. The minute that door shut Karen was a bit apprehensive at first, but then she jumped in my lap and cuddled as if we had been friends for years. I could not leave without her.

Today, Karen still has so much energy but she has her sister Lola to play with. She is finally potty trained too! She has grown accustomed to the way things work here at home, knows her feeding schedule but most importantly she is my snuggle buddy when it’s time for bed. It did take her a little while for us to gain her trust, if we tried to pet her she would jump back or tuck in her tail. But that is slowly going away. Karen is such a sweet dog, I have never seen her be aggressive when adults or children try to pet her at the dog park.

I am so glad that we decided to adopt her. People need to understand that sometimes the dog behind that cage has been through things we have no idea about. It takes time and patience to get them to burst out of their shell. But trust me, when it happens, you will meet a completely different pet.

I will include some pictures of Karen when we saw her at the SPCA, when we bonded, our car ride home, and Karen today.