“My mission is to rescue. My dream is that one day I won’t have to.”

Mom and I love rescue pups. We keep ourselves updated with all of the pups who need a home or those who need a foster. Two weeks ago, we decided to browse the Harris County Animal Rescue page to see if any dogs had one to two days left until they were euthanized. After looking for hours, we found the perfect addition to our family. We decided to go to the shelter to bring home this beautiful girl named Sky.

As we walked into the shelter, our hearts filled with grief. So many hopeless and loving animals have yet to find a home. We knew it would be impossible to take all of them with us, but the least we could do is touch each paw as we walked down the isle. After a few minutes, our eyes fell upon Sky. She was even more beautiful than we thought. Her glistening, brown eyes snatched up our heart, and her soft fur paw clutched our hands tight. It was as if our hearts immediately connected. Her identification card said she was three years old and was found as a stray on the streets of Houston. We brought the paper to the front in hopes to take Sky home immediately, but the volunteer worker said that she would be ready the next day.

I drove to Harris County the next day to pick Sky up. As they were getting her ready, I noticed her card changed from “3 years old” to only 4 months old. I became upset, and explained to the lady that this created a risk for Sky. She was kept in a kennel with three larger dogs even though she hadn’t had her shots yet. I explained how lucky they were that she didn’t get severely ill from that lack of judgement. Little did I know, this would end up making her very sick.

The next day, Sky couldn’t keep food down. She was constantly shaking and refused to eat. Almost looking delirious, she could barely stand on her own. We took her to the vet the day after that, only to hear our precious baby could only have a couple of days left. The veterinarian said it could be anything: parvovirus, distemper, influenza, etc. All of which, gave Sky a couple of weeks left.

We patiently waited for days. Waited for good news. Waited for her health to regain. Waited for her to come home with us where she belonged. After five days of isolation and testing, the veterinarian said Sky had a URI (upper respiratory infection) along with two other viruses. All of this could be cured. Our hearts filled with so much joy.

On our journey to pick her up, we could not take the smiles off of our face. Our sweet girl made it. She pushed through a shelter full of sadness, survived isolation from the outside world, and was ready to come home. These pictures are from her first day with us. We decided to watch hours of TV followed by a nap. It will take a couple of weeks for full recovery, but it is another successful rescue mission to keep in our hearts forever.