Dogs Playing for Life is a Program that lets dogs be dogs through playing! A program that gives each shelter dog daily exercise, and opportunities to learn how to behave socially around other dogs. A program that provides program staff and volunteers insight about each shelter dog’s personality that aids in a good matches for an adoptive homes. In short, happier, satisfied animals are generally less stressed, which equates to less disease and extreme behavior in shelters that puts people, and animals lives, at risk. This 3.5 hour introduction session will be presented by representatives from ‘Dogs Playing for Life’ and will cover all the basics you need to know before getting ‘hands-on’ with the implementation. It will follow directly the close of the UPROM (United Pet Rescuers of Montgomery County) Conference, at Lone Star College-Montgomery Saturday, March 3 from 3:30-7pm and is FREE to attend.

Find all the details, and register to attend, at the link below: