Help us find Georgie a home!!

George is a mix puppy around 1.5 years old. He got his name because he’s super curious. He is fearless, adventurous, a sweetheart who means well but just a lil clumsy still. He likes to be near his person at all times and give lots of kisses. He’s super vocal when he plays but he’s not aggressive unless there’s a barrier like a fence. He’s a little reactive to cars and thinks he should chase them. Which is funny considering he was found at a Subaru dealership in Jan. He ran into the Subaru dealership off of the interstate and made his rounds to beg for food before he stumbled across his foster mom. Turns out he is a true stray. Georgie is good with other dogs, but he is a little hyperactive so you have to slowly introduce. If you’re interested in adopting or fostering George please contact BARC ASAP! ( He’s a male puppy, neutered, sweet, friendly demeanor, eager to please, trainable, loves cuddles, plays hard, loves his kennel and stuffed elephant, has a protective nature.

Information to find George: George | #A1541677 | Male | 1yr 2months | Vizsla Mix

Look on the BARC website for ways to help! (Adoption or Foster)