This is sweetheart Sadie!

The foster of this cute girl attempted to reach out to other foster and rescue groups, but did not get a response.

Time is running out for her. She has extensive heart-worm symptoms and it is not safe for her to begin intensive treatment until she has a safe, quiet place to live. She can not be around playful puppies or kids to get her little heart beating too fast. If you have ANY connections to Husky or Pit bull rescues, or know someone who needs a quiet, sweet, unbelievably affectionate dog to foster or adopt, PLEASE let us know.

It is our goal to this girl to have a happy ending, but we are running out of options. Help us find her a forever home.

Details about Sadie

  • She is on her second round of vaccinations,a parasite screen, and a second HW test. (Tough girl!)
  • She weighs about 60 lbs and is probably about 5 years old.
  • Sadie is very sweet and gentle, loves to give kisses and be pet/brushed.
  • She is generally very calm. This is in part because her heart worm symptoms make her lethargic.
  • She LOVES to chew on a good toy. As long as she has something appropriate on hand, like a Kong, she won’t turn to other items, but it’s still something we’re working on with her…
  • She is fully crate trained! (Go Sadie!)


Her StoryImage may contain: dog

On April 26th, Sadie showed up on her foster moms door step with a heavy, thick chain bolted around her neck and dragging behind her. It took 30 minutes and two pairs of pliers to unscrew it from around her neck, and it was clear from the dark black stains on her fur and redness under her coat that it had been there for quite some time. Despite the stress she was under, she was a sweetheart and an amazing sport while being harassed by our puppy, getting her first bath in God knows how long, and riding in the car to the vet, where she got started on vaccines and, unfortunately, tested positive for heart worms.