ARC Facebook Page

The ARC Facebook Page and Website management is one of the most important tasks in our club. The ARC Facebook Page tells members what events are coming up, shares important messages, and provides video of previous meetings. Most importantly, we also put up posts on animals in immediate need of fostering, or face immediate killing at a shelter. These are animals in desperate need of a little time, and a little love. It will be necessary to upload not only information on the animals, but also photos, video clips, and other links. This is a demanding task: you should expect to have to post information on a daily basis, and devote one hour per day to the page management. Teams can also work on the Facebook page, to spread the workload. However, dedication and determination is the key: you must make maintaining this page a top Each day an animal in extreme need goes without a post, is a life that might be terminated unnecessarily.

UHD ARC Facebook Page

Many of the posts ought to be fairly easy, as you will simply be linking posts from our partner shelters or animal rescue organizations to our Facebook Page. But sometimes it will be essential for you to create your own post, as when UHD students find adoptable cats or dogs and come to us for help.

This is an example of the sort of posts you will need to put together on a daily basis.

Houston Pets Alive–Find Cats

This is a listing of cats facing death in twenty-four hours, without a foster to take him or her in. This information would be supplied by Houston Pets Alive, but would have to be posted on a daily basis on the ARC Facebook Page and ARC Website Blog:


Cats that will be Killed within 19 Hours without a Committed Foster Parent

ARC Website

The ARC Website is used to encourage ARC members to become ARC leaders by filling the major administrative roles of the Club. Generally, only the blog section of the website must be updated.


A Typical Blog Post

If you are ready to take on this challenging but absolutely critical position, please fill out the volunteer form below, and an ARC officer will be in contact with you soon!