Animal Welfare Volunteering

At the UHD Animal Rescue Club, our main goal is to help shelters and animal rescue organizations save the lives of cats and dogs who otherwise face death. Generally, our members will volunteer on a regular basis at a shelter or with an animal welfare organization, or they will only volunteer for specific events with one of these organizations. It’s up to you and your schedule!

Regularly Volunteering at a Shelter

This video will show you a little about the tasks you can do at an animal shelter. For any shelter you volunteer at, you will still need to take one or more volunteer classes, for several hours each, before you are allowed to begin volunteering. This will allow you to do some of the most basic volunteer activities. It will require further experience and training to do more advanced or specialized volunteer work.

 Example of a Shelter Volunteer Training Video

Volunteering for Specific Events

Sometimes, you are just too busy with school and/or work to commit to a regular volunteer schedule. Don’t worry! We keep a volunteer schedule updated constantly, with specific events. The calendar indicates event title, event organization, date, time, place, and contact person. Further information can be found on that organization’s website, or through the ARC Volunteer Coordinator.


Shelter Volunteer Feeding Neonatal Kittens

Volunteer Calendar

The following calendar will show you the current special events around Houston you can volunteer at, by month.

ARC Volunteer Calendar

Ready to start volunteering? If so, just fill out the form below!